What makes me so special

I have been shooting weddings for over 18 years now and I still LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do every single day. I was one of the lucky ones to find my passion in life at an early age. When I was 14, I made my way into the darkroom at Huntsville High and developed my first picture. I looked at it with such awe. I had created something that no one had ever seen before and I was so proud of that. After high-school I went straight into college to study photography, graphic design and photojournalism. then moved to Wilmington, North Carolina and immediately started working for an extremely talented wedding photographer. Before him, I had always imagined working for a magazine or being a famous fashion art photographer but he showed me that weddings were not the traditional “stand and smile” of the past, they were models at your fingertips ready and willing to let you create and capture their day in an interesting and artistic way. That was all I needed to decide this was my path. I worked there for about three years until moving back to Huntsville, Al to start my own photography business in 2004.

My style is truly a hodgepodge of everything I think is important for you to walk away with after the day is over. One of my greatest compliments was from a bride who told me after the wedding they were a bit worried that they hadn’t seen me all that much and worried if I had gotten enough pictures. When they finally saw the wedding photographs, they were so happy to see that I was “everywhere and had captured everything!”

I have a tried and true photo journalistic style background that turns me into a fly on the wall when I need to be, capturing the sweet and raw and most beautiful REAL moments happening all around me that day. The other side of me loves to pose you in the most flattering and beautiful artistic way I can. Lets face it, not everyone has model-like poses that they can whip out at any moment.

THAT’S WHY I AM HERE! I know what looks good, I know how to pose you in a truly natural way and I am here to help and guide you ever step of the way! I have literally shot over 1200 weddings so I am extremely prepared for it all. I am your psychologist when you are freaking out, I am your dress fluffer when it just doesn’t look quite right. I have extra bobby pins and lipstick on me at all times. My ultimate goal is to make you happy and allow you look back on your wedding day as truly one of the best days of your entire life.

How cool is it that I get to be at everyone’s best day!