Allison, The pictures of Eli are just beautiful! I was so happy to see how well you captured his little personality! You are truly gifted! Thanks!

I am so amazed at how you got so many great ones, especially with the mood he was in. I love them.

He had so much fun playing with you I don’t think he even realized you were taking his picture. We had a blast!

Allison, You rocked those photos! We just love all of them!

Thank you so much for the great job you did on the photos! They are awesome!

I love them and want them all! I think I’m going to cry because he doesn’t look like that little baby anymore. I’m so glad we had the pictures done with you!

I am blown away by how absolutely amazing the images are! What a superb job and completely beautiful pictures to treasure!


Maternity sessions should take place around 6 weeks before your due date. This session is offered out on location or in my studio and lasts about an hour. If you have any other children or animals, feel free to bring them in to be included in the photo shoot as well. Remember to wear loose fitting clothing to the session so you wont have marks on you skin. I invite you to bring different outfits or you may choose from my selection of drapes and wraps. I am able to do any kind of touch-ups post production so I can get rid of stretch marks, belly ring scars, veins, tattoos and any other things you may want to “disappear”. Just let us know what you prefer. Please inquire for more details as well as a price list.


The delivery stage of my photography is surely the most exciting one! Working hand in hand with doctors and nurses makes it easy to maintain my unobtrusiveness during this special time. My service allows dad to put down the camera and care for mom. I capture things like your baby’s very first breath, the expressions and emotions upon seeing your baby for the very first time, baby’s first bath, the first of many diaper changes and all of the other spontaneous precious moments that happen when life is just beginning. It is such an honor to be a part of these miraculous first moments of life and the art that will represent this precious time will stay in your hearts forever. Birth photography is offered for both Huntsville Hospital and Crestwood Hospital.


I suggest doing the newborn session within 2 weeks of delivery but around 7 or 8 days is preffered. This is a priceless time when you have such a tiny sleepy bundle of joy that just wants to cuddle. This session is only offered in my studio unless special circumstances apply. I strive for comfort and creativity during this session and take as much time needed to obtain the most unique and precious photographs that you will cherish for years to come. Feel free to bring blankets, stuffed animals or any other props you would like your baby to be photographed with but don’t feel that you have to bring a thing. I have a large selection of hats, headbands, bows, blankets, bowls, baskets, crates,backdrops and other things we can incorporate if you wish. These pictures are usually done without clothes on your baby. Parents and siblings are welcome to be photographed as well. Simple/solid colored clothing is recommended for parents/sibling. Before arriving at the studio, please don’t give your baby a bath. This may cause extra flaking of their tender skin. Rubbing lotion on your baby can help skin look softer as well but do this prior to coming in to the studio so we wont have to disturb the baby too much once in the studio. Please feed your baby right before you leave so he/she is happy and sleepy. Dress your baby in something very easy to remove once you arrive so we can try to keep your baby asleep as we transfer from car seat to the blanket. I keep it very warm in my studio for the newborn session to keep your baby nice and comfortable so you may want to bring a t-shirt or something cool to wear while you are in the studio. This session lasts anywhere from 1-3 hours. We may have to take a break and feed your baby during this process so if you are not breast feeding, be sure to bring extra formula. Bringing a pacifier can be very helpful to calm them while in the middle of a picture as well.


The first year of your baby’s life will bring wonderful growth and so many changes. These changes will happen so fast and you will be so happy that you took the time to document these fast paced changes and you will treasure them forever. What better way than with the Watch Me Grow Baby Plan. This plan starts after the newborn session and covers the next four sessions typically at the following stages: 3, 6, 9 and 12 months old. This is definitely our most popular plan. This plan will help you not only to save on session fees, but will also give you access to significantly discounted portrait collections that will save even more on your baby’s portraits. As a member of the baby plan you will receive a 5×5 coffee table style album after your baby’s one year session We can do any of these sessions in studio or outdoors although it is not recommended to do outdoor photographs until your baby can sit up on his/her own. All of these sessions typically last from 45 minutes to an hour and can have up to three outfit changes if desired.

At three months, your baby will be so much more alert than in the cuddly sleepy newborn portraits. This is the first time we get to show off what your baby really looks like, who he/she may resemble. Big eyes and even the start of some smiles will be captured. Simply naked with a diaper cover and maybe a cute hat/headband can be the most adorable. This is also the first time we can really bring in clothing for your baby if you prefer. Soft colors are good at this stage because we want to keep it “baby looking” at this point because it won’t last long!

Six months is probably my most favorite photo session of the year. This session allows us to really get some really great interaction with your baby and watch their little personality start to blossom. Smiles, laughs and even some cranky faces will be captured at this age for sure. They are usually starting to get the idea of sitting up at this point so whether they can do it on their own or with a little help from us, we will be able to capture some fun sitting positions. Brighter colors are great at this point. We can truly bring out the personality in these photos so bring anything you feel may help show off who your baby is becoming. Feel free to bring several outfits and we can pick and choose when you arrive for your session. Outside portraits are a great idea to do at this stage and older if weather permits. I have multiple props for these middle stages so if your baby can’t sit up or stand on his/her own, we can bring in a soft furry rug to help prevent bumping heads. We also have many stools and couches/chairs to help them sit up or lean against. You are always welcome to bring in anything you can think of but never required to. We can get as crazy~funky as you want or keep it simple plain and natural. It’s totally up to you!

By the nine month shoot, sometimes they are just figuring out how to sit up and other times they are standing and possibly even daring to take a step or two! We get a lot more full body and full personality with these photos! Depending on what stage your baby is at during these photos will determine what we capture but the growth and changes will be dramatic whatever they are. By now, baby is starting to really grow up! I would love to take this time to get some mommy and me photographs. This age is when stranger danger starts showing up occasionally so if your baby is feeling extra clingy at this age, its even a better idea to come prepared to be photographed with them. Mom’s are not in enough photos with their little’s so I do hope you consider it. If you are interested in hair and makeup, I can give you several recommendations so you feel and look your best!

The twelve month session is so much fun as well! If weather permits going outside and getting some action shots are really great at this age. If we do stay inside, there is plenty of room for running, singing and dancing and jumping. Some opt for bringing in a smash cake or cupcake with balloons or some other decorations to incorporate. We will do smash cake last because they will get messy!

These sessions are focused on the baby but parents and siblings are always welcome to appear in some photos as well. We do ask that you only choose two sessions at the most out of the four to have the family in photographs. This allows us to use our time wisely and really focus on your baby. I have miles and miles of patience with babies and children but they do sometimes call the shots when it comes to ending the session. Some of the very best shots I ever get are in the first ten minutes of shooting so always plan for them wear your favorite outfit or use your favorite prop first and then we will work down from there.

Watch Me Grow Mini

For those of you that don’t want to invest in the full watch me grow plan, we also offer a mini version that consists of a 6months or “sitter session” and One Year session.

Head over to the Contact Me page to request more information as well as a price list.